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Families & Conductive Education (FaCE) Children’s Charity in Darlington


Please see below introduction to FaCE Children's Charity from Amanda Hadland based at Baptist Church, Grange Road in Darlington

The mission of our charity is to promote the rehabilitation of children and young people with neurological motor disorders.  Through our positive approach we provide Conductive Education and social opportunities to families living with the impact of disability.  We are the only provider in the North East to offer Conductive Education sessions at home and fully tailored holiday intervention programmes for these children. These services are transforming the lives of young people, helping them to improve their functional independence and happily fulfil their potential. 

Our small but growing community is here to give support, encouragement and positive perspective for those who need it during their challenging day to day life. The need for our service is growing year on year which is shown by the increasing number of beneficiaries.  In our first 2 years the number of our families increased from 6 to 32.  The list of benefits is long, and parents are happy to see that their children have a place where they are not defined by their disabilities, but they can be given the opportunity to try and celebrate what they achieve. Parents also reported that ‘Meeting other families reduces isolation and you feel you’re not alone’. As you can see, our service is vital not just disabled children but to the well-being of their families.

Here at FaCE, we believe in our children and we want to give them the best opportunity to achieve what they CAN and in the long term fulfil their potential. Our philosophy is to open minds and change lives, helping children make leaps and bounds.

We would like to invite you to our up-coming open day on 8th August 1- 5 pm, 2018 to Grange Road Baptist Church Darlington to experience how these children working towards reaching their potential.  Please get in touch for booking your appointment and visit our CANp program which is a special camp where is no CAN`T. We are looking forward to meeting you there because together we can change lives!

Email: contact@familiesandce.com

Website: www.familiesandce.com  


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