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The Kings Fund - Impact of the Care Quality Commission on provider performance


The Kings Fund have published a new report, Impact of the Care Quality Commission on provider performance, in partnership with Alliance Manchester Business School.

  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC) introduced a new approach to inspecting and rating health and social care providers in 2013. Together with Alliance Manchester Business School, they have undertaken the first major evaluation of this approach.
  • They have developed a new framework for understanding the impact of regulation that describes eight ways in which regulation can affect provider performance. It shows that impact can occur before, during and after inspection and through interactions between regulators, providers and other key stakeholders.
  • Between 2015 and 2018 they examined how CQC’s inspection and rating model was working in four sectors (acute care, mental health care, general practice and adult social care) in six areas of England. They found examples of all eight types of impact in their framework, although some were more prevalent than others and there were differences between sectors.
  • They also tried to measure the impact of CQC inspections and ratings quantitatively and identified only small and mixed effects.
  • The CQC completed its first cycle of inspection and rating in 2017 and is now implementing a revised approach. They highlight issues for CQC, other stakeholders and providers to consider as they continue to develop the regulatory model.


What is Healthwatch Darlington?

Healthwatch Darlington Limited is an independent consumer champion for health and social care in Darlington. The organisation helps to shape and improve local health and social care in our community. Healthwatch Darlington Limited is part of the Healthwatch national network, established by the Government to ensure local patients and users have a greater input to shaping and designing local services.

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