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Your spotlight on local services

What does CPRD stand for?


Clinical Practice Research Datalink is government research service providing anonymised healthcare records for public health research to improve drug safety, best practice and clinical guidelines

The data is currently provided by more than 1,100 GP practices but NHS England is encouraging more to sign-up.
GPs who register to provide anonmised data get in return regular free Royal College of GPs /CPRD quality improvement reports. These bespoke practice and patent level drug safety reports enable case finding and benchmarking for a range of indicators. 

Local GP practices can take part via: https://www.cprd.com/joiningform/contribute/default.aspx?utm_source=Local+Healthwatch+newsletter&utm_campaign=999d41990d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_07_17_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f7b9fd266c-999d41990d-197392345&mc_cid=999d41990d&mc_eid=f3bc0598b3


What is Healthwatch Darlington?

Healthwatch Darlington Limited is an independent consumer champion for health and social care in Darlington. The organisation helps to shape and improve local health and social care in our community. Healthwatch Darlington Limited is part of the Healthwatch national network, established by the Government to ensure local patients and users have a greater input to shaping and designing local services.

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01325 380145 (Landline)
07525237723 (Textphone)

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