Young people: Christmas and Winter Information

Christmas and New Year 2020/21 is going to be like no other with many of us experiencing a slightly different time. Our group of young volunteers from Youthwatch Darlington share helpful information with young people this festive season.
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For many of us we will be looking forward to a period of time with family members to celebrate Christmas. This year though the festive season is set to be very different. Due to Coronavirus some young people and families may be spending Christmas at home away from grandparents, aunts, uncles or other household members. The way we spend Christmas will be very different and a time to look back at the end of the year may be hard for young people for a variety of reasons. 

Our young volunteers from Youthwatch Darlington have worked with us to share information with young people in Darlington who may be struggling this festive season. They wanted to share information and self care tips using colourful images, audio podcast files and this website page in a creative way for young people and families who may want to find out more.


12 days of Christmas 'Self Care Tips' 

From Monday 14th December until Friday 25th December 2020 you can join us for our '12 days of Christmas 'Self Care Tips' sharing via our social media pages. Each day one tip will be shared to raise awareness and to help young people think about self care in the lead up to Christmas. (Don't worry you can still share these posts beyond Christmas Day as the tips are helpful any time across the festive period.)

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Youthwatch Darlington's Wellbeing Holiday Tree

Our young volunteers have created a 'Wellbeing Holiday Tree' to remind young people of some of the services that are available to talk to, across the festive period. This can be shared on social media, in emails, printed out and placed in venues, shared in letters to parent/carers or simply downloaded for your own use. 

You can also find out about mental health support here. 

Download poster here 


'Let's talk Christmas' Podcast

Sometimes listening to other young people share their own experiences and ideas can help you if you are a young person or if you care for a young person.

Our young volunteers share their own thoughts on how they will spend Christmas 2020 including how 'It's O.K not to join in with all of the festive activities' and this can be the right thing for you to do, especially if you are overwhelmed this year.

We also hear from two of our student volunteers who won't be able to go home this year for Christmas and how they intend to spend this festive season. 

Let's Talk Christmas - Part 1
Let's Talk Christmas - Part 2

Holiday activities offline and online

This festive season our young volunteers share some information about activities that you maybe able to take part in offline and online. Spending time doing things we enjoy and connecting with others can really help us. 

  • Go for socially distanced walks (Feel inspired by visiting Lets Go Tees Valley)
  • The Big Hullabaloo Festive Party (Online) - Join them for a free online big Hullabaloo party on 22 December with special guests The Polar Bears!
  • Hullabaloo Free festive craft videos - Available on their website until 2nd January.
  • Walworth Castle: Darlington - Festive wreath making kits and afternoon tea to order (Charge for this service)
  • Watch Newcastle's Fenwick Christmas Window Reveal for 2020 free via YouTube.
  • Do your own Christmas bingo, Christmas scavenger hunt, Christmas quiz at home with others.
  • Christmas Jep-arty and Christmas family feud another way to entertain.
  • Search for Christmas Drive Thru's on Google (A cost will be charged for visiting a Drive Thru)
  • 12 Days Wild - Take part in the Wildlife Trust's mid-winter nature challenge from 25th December until 2nd January. 

Read a blog 

If you have some time on your hands head over to one of our young volunteers blog. They share their own thought's on Christmas/Winter 2020/21 and how they intend to spend their time this year. 

Read the blog here

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