Getting back to normal after lockdown

As we prepare to get back to ‘a new normal’ many people feel uncertain or anxious about the future. This page features links to organisations offering tips on coping with these feelings and strategies that might help when returning to new routines.
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Returning to Everyday Life

Anxiety UK

Coronaphobia and life after lockdown

British Heart Foundation

What to do if you are worried about life getting back to normal

Changing Faces

After lockdown: anxieties about returning to ‘normal’

Returning to School, College or University

Changing Faces

After lockdown: worries about returning to school

After lockdown: facing transition to a new school

Mrs Mactivity

Top tips for returning to school after lockdown

Student Minds

How to care for your mental health at home: creating a uni-life balance while taking online courses

Into the unknown: tips for coping with post-lockdown anxiety


Supporting a child returning to school after lockdown

Face Masks/Social Distancing Anxiety

Anxiety UK

Face masks and anxiety disorders


Covid-19, social distancing and anxiety

Changing Faces

COVID-19: wearing face coverings and masks

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