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April 2021

Wellbeing Wednesday - Triage Central

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Wednesday 28th April, 2021 - 12:30 to 13:30

About this event

Join us for our virtual information session 'Wellbeing Wednesday' LIVE on our Facebook page from 12:30pm. 

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Alternatively, you can watch the videos later on via our YouTube channel.

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This week we will be joined by Triage Central. 

Triage provides information, advice and guidance (IAG) , skills and workplace training, apprenticeships, work preparation and supportive recruitment services that help people secure a job, progress in the workplace and build meaningful careers.

You can find out more about their service and hear from our team as we share an array of helpful information. Keeping you up to date and in touch with your health & wellbeing services. 


Contact details

If you have questions about these sessions or would like to be guest speaker please contact Jemma Austin our Senior Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator . 

If you would like to ask our guest speakers questions during the session you can do this LIVE on the day or you can send these to:

See some of our young volunteers in action



Youthwatch Darlington interview NSPCC and Kooth for this year's Children's Mental Health Week 2021.