Healthwatch Darlington Annual Report for 2019/20 now available for download!

Find out more about our highlights from 2019/20, our dedicated volunteers, how we have made a difference and our plans for the coming months.
Annual report

We have acted upon the views of service users using bereavement services, listened to families and young people making sure we understand what they want from local services to support their mental well being, explored the experiences of those when discharged from hospital, shared information with 1000's and conducted a regional engagement campaign to hear 'What would you do' to improve your NHS services in the future. We have had the pleasure of working with a dedicated team of volunteers who have enabled us to reach out to more service users than ever before in 2019/20.

In our Annual Report you will find out a wide range of information about us, including:

  • Our Priorities
  • Highlights from the past year
  • How we've made a difference
  • Our finances

...and much more.

Future plans for 2020/21

We have had to quickly change our work plan for the year into a 6 month plan due to the uncertainty of lockdown and what the future may hold for our traditional ways of community engagement. Digital means of communications are fast becoming a priority not only within primary care to ensure patients can still access services but in our everyday life with family and friends. In the coming months we will need to understand how Covid will affect our population, how digital communications are used and how our planned priorities for the year are affected. We had already planned to look at primary care, mental health, hospital discharge, digital transformation and BAME health inequalities and these may well be very relevant to the Covid experiences over the coming months.


Healthwatch Darlington Annual Report - 2019/20

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