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Darlington Safeguarding Partnership (DSP) was established in accordance with the Children Act 2004 (as amended by Children and Social Work Act 2017) and Chapter 3 Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018. 

Safeguarding responsibilities are placed on police, health and local authorities to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.  The three organisations have equal responsibility for setting out the safeguarding arrangements in Darlington. 

Although the statutory guidance is applicable for child safeguarding, the Statutory Safeguarding Partners in Darlington agreed the arrangements will cover Child and Adult Safeguarding arrangements.

The new arrangements provide a greater opportunity of strengthening partnership working across adults and children, ensuring everyone in Darlington can live their lives, safely. 

The new arrangements were implemented on 1st July 2019 and information about the new safeguarding arrangements are included in the Darlington Safeguarding Partnership Published Plan. [PDF Document]

The Safeguarding Partnership is required to publish an annual report which sets out what the Partnership has achieved over the past year to ensure there are effective arrangements in place to protect and promote the welfare of children and adult with needs for care and support.

DSP Annual Report 2020/21 [pdf document]

DSP Winter Newsletter

DSP Winter Newsletter

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