Free Suicide Prevention Training

The Suicide Prevention Network currently have a number of Connecting with People training sessions arranged. These sessions are free and will be delivered on line.

Delegates can self-register by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Suicide Awareness Training Aims

Who is this training for? Applicable to all professionals who have an assessment role.

  • Develops understanding and compassion
  • Tackles myths, stigma and barriers
  • Introduces concept that suicide is not inevitable – people can be helped, and module includes the latest research and evidence
  • Suitable for ALL you don’t need to have had any previous training
  • Develops a compassionate approach for demanding and time-pressured environments
  • Gives delegates a compassionate approach/confidence & skills to talk to someone in distress
  • Equips delegates with the knowledge of how to use to make their own Safety Plan

Use the links below to register. NB you only need to attend one of these sessions.

27th January 10am -12noon

24th February 10am-12noon

31st March 10am-12noon

Emotional Resilience

Who is this FREE training for?

  • Suitable for the general public, including children over the age of 13, health and social care practitioners and professionals

Training Aims:

  • Enhances delegates’ emotional literacy
  • Challenges stigma around emotional distress and tackles barriers to help-seeking
  • Uses ‘watercourse analogy’ to help delegates understand different levels of distress
  • Shares effective self-help strategies suitable for different levels of distress
  • Uses the ‘sunflower analogy’ to help delegates understand wellbeing and resilience
  • Shares practical ways to develop and maintain emotional wellbeing and promotes the importance of this
  • Equips delegates to have a greater emotional literacy and know how to enhance their resilience (not mental toughness)
  • Equips delegates with positive ways to cope with stress or emotional distress, to develop a personal plan to build their wellbeing and know where to access further support if they ever need help in the future
  • Equips the delegate with the knowledge of how to use to make their own Safety Plan

11th January 9am-11.30am

15th February 9am-11.30am

Self-harm awareness and response training

Please note: Delegates need to have attended the Emotional Resilience Module prior to attending Self-harm modules.

Who is this FREE training for?

  • Suitable for the public, including children over the age of 13, school/college staff, health and social care practitioners and professionals. Those working in voluntary sector/charities (unless they are a specialist suicide prevention organisation) and Acute NHS Trust staff  (except those who get lots of self-harm presentations).

Training Aims:

  • Explore the myths and stigma associated with self-harm
  • Understand the range of coping mechanisms when facing challenging life events
  • Understand the prevalence of self-harm
  • Be aware of research on self-harm including the link to suicide
  • Understand reasons why people self-harm
  • Learn about the biological and psychological effects of self-harm on an individual
  • Compassionate ways to support someone who uses self-harm as a coping mechanism
  • Be aware of resources available to support someone who self-harms
  • Techniques for developing and maintaining personal wellbeing & coping strategies to promote resilience
  • Overview of useful techniques to help people who self-harm including problem-solving techniques, The Bank of HopeTM, ABC formulation and more
  • Practice how to talk to someone in distress who may self-harm

15th February 12noon- 5pm


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