Young people: Worried about the future - what can I do & where can I go for help?

Due to the pandemic everything has changed this year which means making decisions about your future as a young person can be worrying or confusing. Youthwatch Darlington share information helping young people during these uncertain times.
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Published on 30th September 2020 - Update & Revised on 8th March 2021

All students across England will start to return to classrooms from Monday 8th March. For some secondary schools and colleges they may open under a phased return. 

What ever the situation is for your child this may mean there will be some uncertainty and worrying amongst younger people.

Visit the Government website for more information: 


You can also take a look at Every Mind Matters for information and advice:

Every Mind Matters 

Youthwatch Darlington's Information & Awareness

Young volunteers from Youthwatch Darlington regularly raise awareness in effort to help young people in Darlington access information about health & care. They know that just like themselves, more young people than ever before are anxious and worried about what the future holds. Currently many young people have just returned to school, college or university. However, for some young people this year the pandemic may have changed their plans entirely, leaving young people wondering what to do next.

Youthwatch Darlington have designed a poster, gathered information, spoken to education professionals in Darlington and recorded their own podcast exploring this topic further, so that they can help young people to find out more about their options and where to go for support if they are struggling emotionally with these uncertain times. 

Poster download

'Question & Answer Interviews' from education professionals in Darlington

Youthwatch Darlington decided to to contact some local education professionals to find out their tips for students in these coming months who maybe worried or uncertain about the future. Thank you to Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington College and Haughton Academy for taking part. 

Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College

Darlington College

Haughton Academy

Youthwatch Darlington Blog

One of our young volunteers Emily West shared her own experience about uncertain futures in an honest blog from her own perspective. Thank you Emily! 

Emily's Blog


Youthwatch Darlington's  - Worried about the future podcast

Hear from Amy, Jade and Jessica who share their own thoughts and experiences about the future, including self help tips with young people about these uncertain times. 

Youthwatch Darlington's - Worried about the future podcast
Youthwatch Darlington's - Worried about the future podcast pt 2

What else can young people do during a gap year?

Some young people may be taking a gap year due to the pandemic. Youthwatch Darlington gather information about other options available to help inspire young people who are unsure about what to do next. 

  • Barclays Life skills. Free skills and resources.
  • New Directions: Tees Valley wide Youth Employment Initiative project which supports young people aged 15-29 years into employment, education and training.
  • Step Forward Tees Valley: At Step Forward Tees Valley we support local people to overcome the complex reasons preventing them from finding work. These barriers could include physical or mental ill-health, a lack of self-confidence, a gap in skills, a conviction, or an addiction.
  • Youth Employment Initiative available to those 16-29 currently not in education, employment or training. Provide a range of courses such as understanding excellence in customer service for hospitality, understanding nutrition and health, dementia care etc.
  • The Open University
  • volunteering website
  • Varying apprenticeships
  • National Careers Service. Helps in making career choices or getting a job.
  • Reed courses providing professional certifications. Taking a course specific to your preferred industry will enable you to gain the necessary qualifications needed to get started in your career – without committing to three years at university
  • New Skills Academy. Varying courses from Makeup Artist Diploma to Personal trainer diploma.

Looking for information about health and care?

Find advice and information to help you stay well and make decisions about your health and social care support.

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See some of our young volunteers in action



Youthwatch Darlington interview NSPCC and Kooth for this year's Children's Mental Health Week 2021.